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Post by Konan » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:47 pm

Ok, ill keep it short and detailed:

Weeks ago i sent a few e-mails to you (SwiftApps-Support) because ive had some serious problems.
3 weeks later still no answer, alright, as it seems you dont really care?
Now a week ago ive tried to log in into my wolf again; and what i saw pisses me off so bad.
100.000 HP, 10.000 Damage and 90% CRIT.
Someone obviously hacked me. 'Contact the support!' was the thing i was thinking. Alright, e-mail sent to you within 25mins.
Why am i writing this thread? I didnt get an answer of course. Now my question is: Are you going to do something about that? Or do you let me 'enjoy' hacker-hell? Because i dont really feel like giving up my wolf with $300+ worth of skills because some b.... hacked me. I made a new wolf to pass some time until you decide to do something. But dont think i will spent another $300. Not happening. I may be stupid enough to ever think that you will change the game to good, but im not going to get scammed.

Im waiting for an answer.

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Re: Seriously?

Post by Rogue » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:34 am

Hello! We haven't heard about any problems from your side, we haven't received any e-mails regarding your account being hacked either (The support e-mail inbox got filled up over the weekend last week, this might also have been the issue). I would recommend to try again in this case. Also, please remember to keep your login details safe, not to share them with other people and use ONLY official distributions of the game.


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