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Post by rain » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:54 am

Note: I'm not trying to cause any drama here, but some of you may have different opinions. This is what I've noticed in others and my situations.

I've noticed that some people like causing drama. They do this for fun, because of anger, etc. I'm not directing this to anyone and I know that I, myself, have caused some issues with others. I've realized that it's better to solve the issue and forgive than hold grudges and create enemies. Overreacting over small things can lead to people hating you, and no one wants that. Of course, hatred isn't a good thing, but it happens. A lot of people have bad days, they get angry at someone and regret it, but keep creating drama. Of course, not everything can be fixed with words, but it's a better way than constantly fighting, or trying to"ruin their life" and spread rumors. Although I understand that some issues can only be fixed by what caused it in first place, which is drama.

It feels like when people have drama, they are afraid to stop, because they don't want to be the ones to be defeated. About the rumors. When you spread rumors about people, the person who is more believable gets away with it, even with things that are false. What usually happens is the other person doing the same thing. And whoever "loses" is hated by a lot of people. Even if the person that caused drama is annoying to you, telling everyone how crap the other is makes you as bad as them. If you have nothing good to say, don't say it(cliche ish, but true). Having allies is better than enemies and comes with less guilt and worry.

I honestly feel like a bad person posting this for some reason.
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Re: Drama

Post by Maple » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:37 am

What you've said is right Rain, I personally faced and caused a lot of drama in order to defend myself throughout my experience on The Wolf, and I have a lot of haters as an enemy of mine restlessly kept spreading rumors about how I kill others randomly, and she even changed her name and told me about those rumors to see my reaction. I try to stay silent, as you pointed out as the right thing, and I believe it that way as well. However, the developers cannot do anything about it, it's just people's behaviours which cannot be changed as simply as fixing a bug. I get that your point is not getting people's mouth fixed, but I'm really glad you brought it up. It often ruins the gameplay experience, and you don't have to feel bad for posting it, we all know that you're right.
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