Looking to join a wolf pack?

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Looking to join a wolf pack?

Post by A.Good.Username. » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:21 am

Hey everyone!!

Wolves of the Elite (WE) is currently recruiting and we would love you to join!!

Our rules include:

📍1. - You must be at least 13 years old.

📍2. - To be a member of the pack, you must be at least level 25. (Otherwise you will never placed into PE PreElite)

📍3. - Any sexual photos, videos, GIFs, etc., are **strictly** prohibited.

📍4. - "Pack wars", aka ganging up on *ANY* pack members without permission, will be resulted in a consequence.

📍5. - You must wear a WE pack tag, so that you don't end up accidentally getting attacked by a pack member.

📍6. - Last but not least, any bullying or harassment of any sort isn't allowed.

We give little interviews before allowing you into the pack or make sure every member is suitable for the pack. :)

Our main group chats are on kik of discord so please contact me or Yuko through either platform:

⭐️Wolfarine⭐️ (Me)
Kik: Wolfarine_FS_Alpha
Discord: #3169

Kik: Yuko_WhiteWolf
Discord #8722
In game username: WolfarineWE WC AOD A

Pack: WE- joint alpha, WC, FR A, AOD AND DMN

Level: 50

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