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Dead Moon ♥
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Meet Me

Post by Dead Moon ♥ » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:12 am

kris // 18 + // roleplayer // hmu
{ I write as my character - I do know I am not actually a wolf, thank you very much. }
I am called 'Dead Moon.' There is a reason why; it is simply because the moon was completely blank on the night I was born... a new moon. Completely empty, completely... Dead. My mother has always loved the moon in all its phases when it shines in the sky, and of course I have my own special respect for that brilliant pale orb, but sometimes I am the opposite. Sometimes I look up at the sky in a Dead Moon night and marvel at how beautiful the blackness is.

I am a grey wolf, strong and simple in appearance, but I think there's charm in that. I'm a smart girl, and sort of a loner; I run with whoever allows me and pledge myself currently to no specific pack. Perhaps if I met other wolves who I could bond with, I could truly belong with others of my kind. I don't talk much. Mostly, I observe others. I am easy going as long as you don't try to pick a fight with me - and even then, I would rather ignore you than fight. I'm not a total pushover, but I don't feel the need to be any kind of Alpha. I am perfectly comfortable being a Beta or Omega - though when push comes to shove, I believe I am a fair and fierce leader. I like to run with other wolves and hunt dangerous beasts.

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Re: Meet Me

Post by Redfang » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:31 am

I like you post Dead Moon, I realy do.
*growls threatening greeting*
Hello, I am Redfang.
I follow my heart and I feel I should let you know.
In the past I have lived up to my name
*Stalks into bushes, watching, waiting*

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Re: Meet Me

Post by Karto » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:39 pm

*Growls in Greeting* "Evening brother of the night, my name is Karto Darma, you are not alone in pursuits of companionship and a family to belong to. Currently I am working on gathering a pack an there is a place for you here with the Night Owls if you want it. I hope we will meet in the future when the sun chrests the hills."

A little about me:
"I grew up in captivity in a place that was strange in comparison to the forests and green grasslands of which I now roam. The trials during that period were ... painful.. pointy objects groups of do..gos with two legged figures with blue fur prodding constantly with cold unbreakable sticks. The fights at that place were bloody with packs of us being thrown into a small confined circles till there was only one left and for what the promise of a few scraps of food. Escape did come but only after carefully study of our captors after which myself and twelve other females took the hills as free individuals to shape our own futures."

Karto Darma, age: 21 or 2 1/2, level: 27, ID: 13241846.
Well, my dear friend if you don't like what I have to say then just go ahead an bite me ill be sure to do more then just bite back.

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