Skills for Pvp

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Skills for Pvp

Post by ChaosKiwi » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:34 am

What are some recommended skills for Pvp? Trying to save gems so I'm not able to try them all.

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Re: Skills for Pvp

Post by Shov » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:25 pm

After the new update, only a few combinations are pretty deadly :
1: Damage boost + thunderstorms + frozen claw (Best combo to one shot)
2: Damage boost + Frost nova + Frost bite (higher chances of getting crits with this one)
3: Damage boost + poison nova + venom

These combos will work deadly if you have minimum level 10 skills.
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Re: Skills for Pvp

Post by Unknown Content » Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:03 am

Quick is not always the best way .
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Re: Skills for Pvp

Post by Calamity » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:29 am

1. Critical Boost + Frozen Claw Jump

Critical hits offer a 3x multiplier (approximated).
Attaining a single shot kill is much easier through this method. This would be a compensation for those only medium in attack. Critical boost is an option for those that cannot simply afford an upgraded damage boost.
To use this strategy, I would recommend upgrading critical boost until it offers at least a 200% increase.
Know, there is only a 78% rate that a critical hit will chance in that circumstance. This is 78% is assumed in aspect to a speed value of 60.

[This critical multiplier only affects your most practical attacks along with the "basic" skills, frozen claw jump is the strongest basic skill available.]

2. Damage Boost + Frozen Claw Jump + Thunderstorm/Poisonous Clouds/Frost Nova

Damage boost is easily the most proficient aura in the game.
Although it does not offer a 3x multiplier in damages, it possible for damage boost to exceed a 2x damage multiplier in every attack. This is obviously achieved by upgrading the skill.
However, unlike the critical boost skill, the increase from damage boost applies to all of your skills and does not exclude your special skills.
Thus, the damage boost outsources the damage inflicted in a critical hit with doubled damage in both basic and special attacks.
Also, you should know that a single shot kill with your basic skill is also attainable with damage boost, despite it's constraints.
Thunder clouds is the most devastating special skill, but it seems easily avoided. I suppose that it just isn't meant for an opposing player to remain idly in it's striking range.
I have yet to confirmed as to whether or not poisonous clouds is unavoidable. However, I do think it to be a reasonable option if it is.
Frost Nova is also good option because it offers the highest immediate damage since many other skills seem to be of a continuous, damage over time rendering.

Ultimately, this should not really tell you how to play, lol. You should just settle with the skills that you perfer.
This was just my quick glance at the game's skills and it just appears lengthy because i am bringing up minor details so that onlookers could understand.

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Re: Skills for Pvp

Post by Nomine » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:02 pm

Personally I love speed boost, it's great for chasing down run aways and the attack speed boost is pretty amazing as well. I dominated in pvp from lvl 20 - 40... unfortunately for me, I was putting my skill points in attack mainly as well as speed. So in the end I've gimped myself for the time being at least in tell I can get my defence up to 60, my speed up to 60, after that I should skill up HP as it seems that it's pretty important. X3

Gotta learn some how, trial and error ect, just wish there was a reset button for skills and stats :p

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