Goodbye you guys

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Goodbye you guys

Post by Remake » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:03 am

The day I officially left the Wolf. So much memories. I did it. I became the strength I wanted to be and now I'm done.. So much memories.. So much ppl showed me the way. My final friend list. Each person who meant something special to me :D.
Little(Something about u just made me always wanna be around u)
FU Kins(a bro for life)
FU Qwik(u did so much for me it's unbelievable)
FU Juju(funny friend)
FU Throh(u help me with skills choice)
Amadeus(I may know u for a. Short while but u were awesome)
Atticus(my boy chill asf)
Violent (lol the first girl to reject me)
MoC Dark Shiro (I still love u babe)
AO Aiden(OK u a best friend u know imma still be communicating with u)
AO ChanSteezy(Chill)
AO Biohazard(awesome friend)
AO Lagertha
FU Partially Gore(u funny asf lmao)
Kaneki Ken ff(U have me dieing bro lol XD)
AO Mikasa(Sweet)
Hannibal(I Hately Like u lol)
KO TmT Magno(I was on the low scared of u XD)
KO Allstar(boooooool)
Atan KO(I don't know anymore)
Rosy wolf(had a crush on u from I met u lol)
Lin KO(so many days I wanted to just say I love u too but never did :( regret it forever now)
KO Stunts (funnnyyyy)
KMA Magic(cool)
KMA Grr8(sweet)
BOO/Drop dead (lol I don't even like u just like our arguments Salty Bish)
RS Octavia(sweet)
RS. Ekho(lmao always had a problem remembering how to spell ur name)
TM Untamable(the strongest 8k ever and cool)
ADN Dragon Warrior (u were sweet and cool <3 )
ADN Alfa John(a broo even tho I barely understood u)
ADN Marcos RJ(freennn lol)
Decimus(cool asf my no sleep bud lol)
Alexis(Is there any girl sweeter than u?)
SfP Bolt (tho u will never return I will never forget u)
Bolt(my new rival and good friend)
ATW Baker117(I'm probably the only one who believed u didn't hack)
Starlow(so nice)
Player5519etc (lmao if u out there just know that I never forgot u like I said I would)
Fang(good friend)
SP Kayla13(we don't talk anymore but ehhhh. We. Still cool)
Justin (WWP. Friend)
RS Alpha Murdock(amazing friend take care of the pack)
RS Prrince Canine(u guys better watch out he gonna be a beast)
RS Star(funny)
BRp Serenity (sweet)
Amber(cool and ^-^ ur hair)
Teal(so. Nice even tho u forgot me)
Halftail (:D)
HP Heaven(sweeeeet)
Cerinitie (u chill)
Bella(u forgot I existed I saw u in all them servers just played stupid :/ I don't forget... )
K I N G(chill and funny)
All of u help create the Remake that I am today.
I am Coal
I am Remake.... Goodbye forever
-November 14th 2017...

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Re: Goodbye you guys

Post by THC ALPHA SaUc3k » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:48 am


I hate to see you go but this post shows just how special of a player you were. You will be missed my friend. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors

Alpha Sauce

Wicca Rose
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Re: Goodbye you guys

Post by Wicca Rose » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:00 am

Remake why did you leave for!!!!??? I see how it is not even a mention of me but I knew you before most did...

Ugh huh first time meeting and they was hacking we got too close lol. Come back, little says they miss you. We all do. I want a 1 vs 1 I got alot stronger !!!

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