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Post by Player2345780 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:09 pm

Hello All I'm Player2345780 :D
I've been on this game since September 12th in this time I've made many friends and many more enemies. I've successfully became a lv50 wolf :) . I've had lots of fun playing with you all but I feel my time of fighting great battle's with you and against you is at a end. A few metion below before I go.
OG Pack
I had fun fighting you all I will miss these fights even though I'm pretty sure you guys hated me but oh well.

FU Pack
Well um I had fun trying to fight you guys you're all just way to Strong for me but still had fun trying :D

TM Pack
I don't really know any of you except untamable he's the best 8k out there hands down.

TMT Pack
You guys were also strong af I enjoyed fighting with you all :D

KO Pack
You guys were awesome always had my back when I needed help really going to miss you all.

ATW Pack
My first ever pack joined at lv27 left at lv50 some of you guys were cool others not so much. Fang was a cool guy nice joke's too.

FA Pack
You guys were cool too mostly until certain members back stabbed me... But whatever 😂

Anyways Goodbye guys hope to see you all in the future if I ever play again . Player2345780/ Dandruff/ Scar.

If You Do Not Have Enemies You Do Not Have Character ~ Paul Newman

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