Recruiting members for DOL!

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Recruiting members for DOL!

Post by Freya18 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:59 am

Hey everyone!

Diamonds of Light are looking for members. We need a loyal and fair players.
We have a some rules:
1. If you want join, be friendly, mature-minded and loyal. To be a member of DOL, we need to know you. It's best if you have a kik account (we have a group chat on kik), but no problem if you don't have.
2. Don't attack or kill other members of the DOL.
3. We don't need hackers.
4. When you fight, don't play unfairly and don't leave the room before you die. For this reason, others may have a negative opinion of DOL.
5. Use "DOL" into your name.

If you would like to join, contact Forbidden Fruit (kik: ForbiddenFruit1234) or me (kik: doubleb918) on kik or in game. Our names in game "Forbidden Fruit DOL" and "Freya DOL".

Thank you for reading this post. :)

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