XP/Coins per Animal: High Efficiency Leveling

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XP/Coins per Animal: High Efficiency Leveling

Post by Rabbit » Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:29 am

It's fun to take down the biggest animals. But sometimes we just want to get that next attribute leveled up. And killing the biggest animals doesn't always lead to leveling the fastest. For example, I get more coins soloing a Reindeer than taking down an Asian Elephant in a group hunt. And killing a Reindeer takes far less time, not to mention the fact that no skill recharge is necessary afterward. In this case, going after the smaller animal means more experience/coins per second and higher efficiency leveling.

This leads me to believe that to level up quickly, you should go to the maps with the largest high-yield animals you can take down quickly with little-to-no recharge or healing time. To help determine where that is for you, I mapped out the yield (coins earned per health) for animals in each map. Max Coins refers to the maximum coins possible for an animal (eg coins for the kill shot of a level 99 animal on premium). For wolves still below level 50, experience is equal to the number of coins multiplied by ten.

*This is a work in progress. Legend Mountain needs the most work due to difficulty finding level 99 animals and my inability to solo many of them to get exact coin amounts.
Green Hills and Dark Forest Tables.png
Green Hills and Dark Forest Tables.png (18.3 KiB) Viewed 177 times
Arctic Tundra Table.png
Arctic Tundra Table.png (16.12 KiB) Viewed 177 times
Notice that Arctic Tundra has the greatest number of high yield animals and most of these come in flocks or herds of three. Meaning, with a single fire blast, you can get almost as many coins from a herd of Dall Sheep as for a White tiger. Faster killing times and faster recharge times on flocks/herds of high yield animals leads to the greatest number of coins/second. And that means high efficiency leveling.
Legend Mountains Table.png
Legend Mountains Table.png (15.17 KiB) Viewed 177 times
Legend Mountain has the biggest animals with the most coins. However, most of these are low yield. Unless you are a VERY strong wolf or hunt with a VERY strong pack, this will not be the best place for leveling. However, it may still be the most fun!

I was unable to get many of the Max Coin attributes for Legend Mountain animals because I encountered few level 99 animals. And those I did find I was rarely able to beat on my own to find the Max Coin amounts. In a few cases, I put in coins for lower level animals just to have an estimate of the yield. In these cases, I indicated the level of the animal in the last column. I leave it to others to complete this table in the future.

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