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Add a Help Button

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What is a help button and how does it work?

Similar to a port that an alpha creates, this help button will display the location of the player that needs assistance on the map and sends out a short, quick message for all the players in the room. You can follow the map to get to where they are to help them. There should be a cool downtime for this button so it's not an annoyance for some players. There should also be an option to mute any "help calls" if you just want to hunt solo without any distraction.

Maybe there's built-in options you can choose for your specific need:
- I need help to take down a champ.
- I need a partner(s) to hunt with me.
- I need help completing quests.
- I need help in killing prey(s).

Why a help button?

- Sometimes the alphas like to hunt alone. They mute their chat, which blocks out any champ call or messages of needing their help. With the help button, you no longer have to particularly rely on the alpha for help. Other players in the server can help you too, especially if the alpha just wants to be left alone without having to port for everyone.

- The help button overcomes the language barrier. For instance, if I'm someone who knows absolutely 0 English, I can click on the help button, which could be the game's universal sign of signifying, "hey, I'd appreciate if anyone could lend me a hand right here right now for this reason." If I want assistance to kill a champ and I don't know English (the most common language in the game), then I can't describe where I am at so others can help me, which is where the idea of a built-in help button could come in handy.

- Also works great if you're lazy to describe where you are or don't know how to describe the location or read a map. Or just lazy to type out in general ('cause if I'm honest, the chat sucks sometimes.)
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