Block bad players in Alfa Call

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Block bad players in Alfa Call

Post by HelloWolf » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:38 am

When all players share the champions, some very bad players won't wait and won't follow any rules, just use TS or any skills to kill the champions by themselves, then all other players include the finders who shares the champion won't get any gems or coins.
Everytime we will chat to the player who is too selfish, but it never worked. For example, one player is called Bellg***, who is always steal gems and coins and never share with others.

Is it possible for Alfa to set a filter when set a port to block the bad players?

Now the only way is some strong players "follow" the bad players and kill all the animals in front of them to teach them the lesson, but not always have time/passion to do so.

It will be a very good feature.


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