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Post by Station17 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:05 pm

There should be packs of players one alpha each until that alpha dies and they should get there own territory and they can evade the other opponents territory and kill there pack

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Re: Packs

Post by Redfang » Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:53 pm

I agree, ecsept I think that you shouldn't be able to invade the other packs territory unless your packs are in a pack war or a battle, and even then both alphas have to agree, so that all of the sudden a message that 'a pack war has been declared' or 'a pack battle has been declared' doesn't just pop up.
Also, a 'a pack war/battle (depending on what it is) has been requested' notification should pop up to all members of both packs when the Alpha has been asked and or asked for a war/battle to take place, and a 'a pack war/battle is in progression' notification should pop up when both Alphas have accepted the war/battle.
That way the pack being attacked won't be taken by surprise.
Also after a war takes place the non-winners pack has to join the winning pack, and therefore make a bigger, stronger pack.
And there should be camps where the wolves can go and sleep(the wolves would sleep in dens, and during the time they are asleep it's just a black screen)
One more thing, you should be able to have accessories, so that you can tell yourself and other wolves apart.
(Sort of like WildCraft, but more AWSOME... like The Wolf.
No offense, WildCraft lovers and (if you read this post) makers of WildCraft, it's just that I like The Wolf better.
Nothing personal.
*steps out of dark bushes and growls greeting*
Hello, friends, or foes, (*shrugs*) it doesn't matter, I'm watching, and listening...
*bares fangs, baking slowly into the bushes until hidden from prying eyes*

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