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Post by ﻮเgιαηηα » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:11 pm

Dear Wolf Team and everyone whos reading this,
I play the game now for a really long time and thats why i know that there are more and more players that play unfair and that it is hard to find a good fight right now. The first thing is "Leaving before dead". Thats the most annoying thing u can do in game. Someone once started with it and now almost really everyone is doing it. That sucks. For example; I have a fight with someone and when im dead i give him or her points cause he or she killed me. But when im the one who kill him or her this Player leaves and so i dont get points. I would wish for myself that there will be and option in the future where u get points if they leave or that u can report them. I know many names that i dont attack anymore cause i know they will leave cause they always do it. They r getting points from everyone but no one can get points from them. Same thing for the "Hurricane Glitch" were u get damage even if its not in use anymore and the health glitch as well.

Please get rid of it or try to do something about it. It just sucks.

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Post by Hellers honey » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:55 pm

Yes, this is a dirty tactic to pull on players, I agree...... but sometimes it does happen by accident. I have been booted mid fight a few times, especially happens when there is a big war on the portals and there are a bunch of players fighting and numbers flying on the screen.
I do know of and have noted a few players that do it just to be rude tho and that I deal with by leaving on them lol I know, two wrongs don't make a right but I will only do a few times and then just leave to another room. I will also leave on anyone that is glitching, whether it is the heal glitch or the poison glitch, I will leave because I dont think they deserve points :)

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