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Private Messaging without prerequisites

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:21 am
by Calamity
I propose that we be allowed to freely PM without needing to "participate" in the forums beforehand.
You may be worried about bots, but we have a line of prevention for that upon registration. It isn't much, but it's there.
The messaging system is the main preference for some people. Besides, it can be little strange to openly make friends with everyone reading on , all while possibly disrupting a thread.

Also, a private messaging system for the game should be considered. I'm sure that most of us have been caught up in conversations that weren't exactly appropriate.
Sure, you could hide the chat, but that isn't an actual solution because we aren't not wanting to talk to people, it's just from specific people in the room.
Also, many of those people would actually like to the private message, but they can't. Thus, they use what they have, and everyone bears witness.