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XAP is currently accepting new members. To join the *Exhiled Assassins Pack* please leave your wolf player name, wolf gender and player id# in the comments below. A pack *RECRUITER* will add you to the ranks and contact you on the WOS Server. Open positions are limited!!!

***(APPLY NOW)***


1). Always wear ur Pack ID Tag.
2). DO NOT attack your pack.
3). DO NOT attack your allies.
4). No foul language.
5). Farming is aloud.
6). Do not leak classified information.
7). No harassment.
8). No sexual content.
9). No leaving and respawning before death.
10). Name changes must be submitted in an XAP Council.
11). Weekly attendance on KIK is required for Omega Wolves/Special Forces Agents.
12). Always follow your Alphas command.
13). Report any and all spys, petophiles, traitors, hackers and online predators to your pack superior.
14). Only two pack tags allowed per player.
15). Alphas/Elders of another pack may not be a member of XAP.
16). Kik is required to advance beyond Puppy Status.
17). 2/3 Checkmarks are required to advance to Omega Status.
18). All 3 Checkmarks are required to advance higher than Omega Status.
19). In order to become an Elder you must retire from an Alpha Status.
20). Wolves in Recruit/Puppy Status are not required to have KIK.
21). Daily Attendance on KIK is required for Betas & Alphas.
22). XAP Elders/Alphas may not have Dual Pack Tags.
23). Only an Elder/Alpha may eject wolves from XAP Wolf Pack.
24). Only Alpha Verified XAP Members are allowed in XAP Councils.
25). Report all new members to an XAP Omega.

XAP A1 Motherwolf

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