Giving away your location //two ideas for the gameplay//

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Re: Giving away your location //two ideas for the gameplay//

Post by Maple » Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:21 pm

JCSolo wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:33 pm
NinaLeonie wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:52 pm
I have an important suggestion and I'm pretty sure someone already asked for that, but hear me out:
I think you all know the scenario pretty well, you don't want to stick to the alpha all day, so you decide to go solo for a while, the problem? You cant finish any boss, because you are alone and you need a little help. No other player is in sight, and describing your location in the chat takes long and no one would find you.

I have this issue a lot and it really bothers me, so I came up with two solutions.
Nr1: Name official locations on the map. It would be way easier to give away your location if you could just say "I'm at the great mountain" instead of being forced to describe it. Naming the locations would make it easier for packs to communicate and find each other and it's overall way more relaxing.

Nr2: this one is a little more complicated, but in my opinion a great idea to improve the game and make the gameplay more interesting even if you're not alpha.
So the idea is, to add a howl button to the game, but not like the one who brings you to the spawn, or the one the alpha has. It's more like a button you press, when you see a boss, you want to fight and you need help, or you want to hunt with some people. You press it, your character howls, but instead of creating a portal like the alpha, your location will be marked on the map with a bright, red dot for around five minutes. Everyone who wants to join you/help you can now find you easily.

I don't know, how ard both of them are to imply into the game, but I think they can improve both gameplay and communication, so I would be really glad, to see maybe one of them in the game. Thoughts?

LG Nina
I use to think your first suggestion would be needed until I realized its not. When I am not alpha and I need help, I just say this: "Champ, bottom, left." I write where I am on the map. You are on top, bottom, middle, left,or right. Its not hard for other to come find you that way. Your suggestion would be awesome and more convenient. Better yet, the whole red dot location idea would be fantastic =)
Please note that this post was published way before the update bringing the mini-maps was out. :]

Plus, now that we have the mini-maps, a much simpler solution would be to have the players' names listed beneath their dots on the map. That way we know which dot is which player. An option to enable or disable the names would also be nice, to avoid crowding the mini map.
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