How the score (coins) is counted in "multi-user-killing" mode?

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How the score (coins) is counted in "multi-user-killing" mode?

Post by HelloWolf » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:29 am

Dear Admin,
I searched the forum but didn't find a post (maybe somewhere but I didn't find it out).
If multi-players kill a pray, how the score is counted?
1. is it purely calculated by the "damage" from each player?
2. who strikes the "last killing attack" will get extra score?
3. if a player leaves the battle field, like launch thunder storm and run away, will the score still count? Is there a distance limit to the prey?
4. If a player dies during the battle, when the play comes back, will the damage before the player dies still count?
5. If a player dies during battle and doesn't come back to battle or on the way to the prey and the prey is killed, does the damage before the play dies still count?
6. If a single player kills a prey get 2000 (for example), multi-player will get 2000 each or 2000/n (n=how many player)?

Also how about the gems? Follow the same rule?

Anyway, personally I reckon if the "score(coins)" are purely calculated by the "real damage" without count the “last kill attack", it will be the "most fair" way from my understanding and eliminate all the argument about "stealing a kill" - the player is rewarded based on the efforts.

Looking forward to your reply.



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Re: How the score (coins) is counted in "multi-user-killing" mode?

Post by Edith » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:07 am

Also is there a list of how many coins you get per animal. Like which ones gives the most coins, how to level up faster.
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