How to define a "steal" of killing?

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How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by HelloWolf » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:42 am

Dear players,
I like to collect all your opinions on "how to share a prey".

Most of the players play in peace, but some players take "steal" seriously.
I saw a lot of argument in the game.
As everyone has different opinion on what means a "steal", the conditions can be:
1. 1st player is "watching" the prey, waiting for skills to power up, 2nd player starts to kill
2. both 1st and 2nd players are very close to the prey, 1st player starts the kill, 2nd player joins the kill - in very short time
3. 2nd player joins the kill in the middle of the killing
4. 2nd player joins the kill in the end of the killing
5. 2nd player wait and use FC to take the final killing attack
6. when 2nd player see 1st player is killing a champion (health more than 10k), should 2nd player join the kill if the 1st player is not sharing?
7. Will the player use the same rule as others? If a player doesn't share any animal, should this player strictly "no touch" other player's killing even it is a big champion?
8. If one player strictly use "no steal rules", when someone share a champion, should this player join the share?

Which one will most of the players agree it is a "steal"?

It depends on how the "coins" are calculated, if it is fairly calculated by "damage" from each player doesn't matter when the player joins, then it is ok to share the kill.
Also I see most of the players share the prey as the animals are in "open field" and no rules from the developers to stop the "sharing", the prey is not "locked" for the 1st player who starts the killing.



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