My amusing, brutal and berzerk attack strategy

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My amusing, brutal and berzerk attack strategy

Post by imdawolfman » Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:45 pm

Having built up my speed and attack skills beyond reason (while lagging in health and defense) I use my vampire lunge first thing to knock even higher level enemies down by half first blow. Then when they turn to fight, usually with commrads, I snap, back, turn, snap, leap, snap and dodge to keep anyone from getting a bead on me. It really looks berzerk when the battle's over and I'm still jumping, spinning, dancing and lunging all around my pack-mates.

It seems like I get 3 hard bites to their 1 in a close mellae, unless someone has a freezer breath.

My downfall is My wolf is a total berzerker and will pursue an enemy right into its den and as hard as I pull and twitch the stick, will not peel away to survive (he has the same obsession with creatures, even bulls lingering around a fight scene and runs away to kill a squirrel when my comrads need me.)
:( bad wolf.

I just learned tonight that if Alpha has opened a gate I can press the gate button while backing away and sometimes break free.

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