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Post by izahueso » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:54 am

The creation of this clan or group, aims to help the other players to level up, hang out with others and have fun in the game.

I don’t like to be bossy so im just asking for this rules to follow.
1. You have to put SWAR beside your nickname in order to identify the memebers of our clan.
2. You have to respect the other players.
3. No bullyins
4. If you change your nickname , please you have to tell me, for know who is it.

The ranks and their purpuse are...
*Alpha*: I am the creator and administrator of the group, I do not consider myself strong, but I will fight winged from the pack until the end.

*Beta*: The protector and the advicer, i only asking him/her for notify me about the current activity in the clan, like disagreements or negglings if i am absent.
*Places (1)*

*Warriors**: your duty is to figth for the pack until death ,the players with more experience in the game, they can help partners in COOP or PVP.
*Places (10)*

*Apprentices*: Those who are in the process of leveling up and becoming warriors. (Under 50 level)
*Places (8)*

I will keep a record of your nicknames and ID, only for identify ranks and memebers of the clan.

If you are very strong, that is to say if you have higth skills and attributes you can be the rank: warrior.

Im a spanish speaker but i know a little of english, the clan is for english and spanish speakers.

If you are interested in joining leave me your data:
1. Name
2. ID
3. Rank: the one you choose: according to the purpose of this.

The path is yours, you decide whether or not to leave the group, you decide if you want to be a ice or fire warrior wolf, or maybe a healer wolf...

Here I leave my data for those who want to join the clan ;) :
Name: Raksha
ID: 8125158

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