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by AO Nico
Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:44 pm
Forum: The Wolf Talk
Topic: Neutral Club: (ΛΣ) ΛLPHΛ ΣLITΣS (new & updated public chat!)
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Re: Neutral Club: (ΛΣ) ΛLPHΛ ΣLITΣS

Hey wolfyone,
We have some Requirements in order for anyone to join AO. The first is the age requirement you must be 18 or older to join. The second requirement is you must have 5000 HP to join. If you meet these requirement s please let me know so I can further assist you. Ao Nico
by AO Nico
Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:29 am
Forum: The Wolf Talk
Topic: Packs
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Re: Packs

Hello Wolfyone, The best way to see all the packs is by playing the game. Each pack are unique. The best way to join a pack is by asking who the alpha is of the pack first and what the requirements are to join. Mine is AO (adults only) I'm the alpha of this pack. Certain packs have specific requirem...
by AO Nico
Thu May 18, 2017 7:20 pm
Forum: The Wolf Talk
Topic: What's your wolf name and level?
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Re: What's your wolf name and level?

Wolf name: AO Nicolai, AO Nico, or AO Azrael
Level: 40
Color: Black