Upcoming Balance Changes - The Wolf 1.10

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - The Wolf 1.10

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xXAmethyst MoonXx wrote:
Thu Nov 05, 2020 12:22 am
So I was just reading through all this stuff and apparently something happened to VS? I didnt even notice that anything happened to it, then again I never used it before. Whatever happened here it seems like a lot of people were mad at it. There was a point in time where I went offline for like a month or 2 so something might have happened during that time but going off of what I've seen, people started quitting the game and selling accounts because the devs lied about something that had to do with VS? This is just my summary of what I THINK happened. Someone pls explain what happened just so I can understand better? 😅
The devs claimed that venomous skin, or 'vs' was too powerful, as you can run back and forth repeatedly dealing damage repeatedly, stacking up. They then said they were going to remove the stacking ability 'glitch' as it was not the way that the devs had intended vs to be. People got mad. They said that it wasn't okay to take something away after it had been the same for 3 years (which it had). Many people already have maxed out vs, and it was unfair to take it away. So, the devs agreed. They said:
Rogue wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:12 pm
The Wolf 1.10 expected release date - June 17th, 2020

Venomous Skin
  • Price increased by 75%
  • Effect duration decreased by 6%
  • DPS decreased 5%
  • Duration decreased 7-18%
Well, that was a hard one for us. Many of you reported that this skill is unfair due to the fact that it could stack up the effect and requested that we prevent it. We've decided not to change its behaviour because you've been using it this way for years. We'll give it a little nerf and bump its price significantly as it was just too powerful for its place in the meta. It will still remain a very strong skill if used by a skilled player.
We’ve decided to just increase its price as it was a bargain for its power.
So pretty much they led people to believe that only thing changed about vs would be the price, and at a massive increase. Wanting to max it out before the huge pricing change, they payed for it, spending large sums of money. The update came out, and people were proud with their maxed out vs, now they didn't have to pay for it. What they were surprised to see was that the devs went back and added that stuff that they crossed out. As you can imagine the players were m a d. Who wouldn't? People spent 100+ dollars to max something else that had just gotten nerfed and no longer was as strong as the skill they payed for.

Here's another post, saying very clearly they will not nerf it, but will still increase it's price:
Rogue wrote:
Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:23 pm
We've listened to your feedback and decided that "airbite" will stay. We might prevent some ways of using it in this or one of the upcoming updates if we think that it's too abusive. You've suggested multiple solutions on how to make it more fair, and we'll treat it as a feature, not a bug from now on.

We will not nerf Venomous Skin but we'll still increase its price. If you've purchased it for the cheaper price you'll be able to keep it on the levels you’ve paid for. Upgrading it will be more expensive once the update goes live.

We’ll proceed with all the other changes. We're aware you're worried about some of them but we're confident it will make the game better and more fun for everyone.

Confirmation on points purchase will not be added to this update, but we'll do this for the next one. Spot blocking is another issue we'll take a closer look at and we'll do our best to prevent it in the upcoming updates as well.

(Main post has been edited to include the changes)
The players payed for something, and it got taken away. The post above is NOT what happened, as you can see from all the angry posts on this thread. People started selling accounts, giving them away, etc, because the skill they paying a few hundreds of dollars for was stripped away, and as themoneyspender said,
The money spender wrote:
Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:34 pm
They did not consult the players. I hope that they change it a smidge bit in the future, perhaps restoring some power back into it, making vs a bit into the way it had been in the past. That sums up pretty much all of what this thread is focused on. There's other miniature arguments about CP, and how it's largely health based, but that's all of vs, I believe. Have a great day :)

(Sorry for any grammatical issues lol)
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - The Wolf 1.10

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I hope that in the coming update the power is no longer NerfeadSince stronger opponents are coming

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - The Wolf 1.10

Post by SnoDragon »

Kevin2 wrote:
Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:35 pm
I hope that in the coming update the power is no longer NerfeadSince stronger opponents are coming
Would be nice for them to have a little more power again.
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Post by MoneyveoRNB »

A couple of points.

1 Mystic, the working "work the same as chems" or whatever implied the way the sim treated them and the way in which they were calculated. It did not refer to the relative power of second chems. The fact that you had to train them to a lower level than you main was what was supposed to "control" their "power." Or, at least that was my interpretation of what appeared to be thekazs intention at the time.

2 Before you claim Athleticism to be completely overpowered, please recall that Role Players have no secondary chem, this serves as a way to boost their main and some other attributes. This change brings role players more in balance with Offensive and Defensive Tree players with secondary chems. Now, it could be a case of "over-compensating" especially with lowering secondary chem boosts. IMO, in no way does this make Athleticism a must have attribute... <-- This is all assuming that PrawnJs logic is sound.

3 Does anything in this game work exactly as thekaz believes? Just saying...

4 This may have affected the build choices of some teams...however, Im still glad the change was made and made some builds viable again. This was announced late, but still during endurance training and with an offer to reset SP.

Thats all for now...
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