The Wolf 1.3.4 update

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The Wolf 1.3.4 update

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This is Swift Apps. With the recent 1.3.4 update on 22th of January came a few improvements to the hacker detection system which resulted in detecting and separating a number of modded accounts.

Things that may result in being moved to “hacker servers”:
- Downloading the game from any other source than Google Play or Apple App Store
- Using any mods, hacks or any APKs or iOS jailbreak builds from unknown sources
- Modification of your game progress using memory hacks or any other tools
- Modification of game mechanics using external tools
- Using any kind of speed hack
- Sharing your login credentials with another person - they may modify your account or login using hacked application.

The system detects illegal changes to the account regardless of when or to what extent the mod was used (whether it was 1 attribute or hundreds of them, just recently or last year).

We recommend registering under a working e-mail address, setting a strong password and never sharing your credentials with anyone. Swift Apps support never asks for your password and communicates only through official channels like Facebook and e-mail (

There have been some rumors and theories going around, like spending a lot of gems/points at once getting people “banned” - none of those are true. If you’ve downloaded our app from Google Play or Apple App Store, you don’t use any hacks and never shared your credentials with anyone, you have nothing to worry about.

We've been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding this matter, we review all complaints and check every account that claims to be “banned” unfairly. We’ve also carried out a comprehensive analysis of all our hacker detection mechanics and they are working perfectly.

Many players didn’t seem like hackers, but at some point in the past they had their progress modified illegally - now we’ve improved our hacker detection systems so we can detect it even if it happened in the past. If your friend appears offline even though they're online, it's not a bug - it might mean one of you has been detected as a cheater.

We are aware that there are still some hackers out there that may slip through, so please report them to us with their friends ID - their account will be checked and will help us with further improvements to our system.

We’re constantly working to provide you a pleasant and friendly game environment. We will continue to work on hacker detection and security issues to ensure that hackers don’t spoil your experience. Stay tuned for more updates and new content!

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