The Wolf 2.0 update - Packs

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The Wolf 2.0 update - Packs

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The Wolf 2.0 has arrived!

You can now create and join packs.

You can access the pack menu in two ways - using the social tab in the lobby, or using the pack icon at the bottom of your screen during gameplay. You can browse existing packs using the search bar or create your own team!

After tapping on a pack name, the Pack Details window pops up - you can find all the information about that particular pack there. Combined Combat Power points of each pack member determine the rank of the pack.

There are three types of packs when it comes to their privacy - they can be open, invite only or closed. Open packs are free to join, invite-only require sending a request before being accepted, and closed ones don't take requests.

After becoming a pack member, the pack menu becomes your pack feed, where you can find all related controls and chat with your fellow pack members.

There are four member ranks in a pack: Alpha - the leader of the pack, Beta - a member trusted by the Alpha and given special permissions, Elder - a respected member with exceptional reputation, and a regular Member of the pack. The number of members of each rank is unlimited, except for Alpha - there can be only one Alpha in each pack at a time.

Additional changes:

- Player profile - look up information about yourself and other players.
NOTE: The player tag that is displayed in the Player Profile is not your player ID - it’s just a unique identifier that cannot be used to invite friends etc.
- Added a notification badge for the daily quest button indicating an available boost.
- Added last activity indicator in the Friends view.
- Fixed Friend Message history getting lost.
- Added Hunted champions statistic displayed in the Player Profile and Attributes view.
- Multiple bug fixes

The Wolf 2.0 is now available on the App Store and Google Play! :)

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