New Community Manager & Official Discord!

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New Community Manager & Official Discord!

Post by itssBlue »

It's time for a special announcement!

New Community Manager

I'd like to introduce myself as the Community Manager for The Wolf, my nickname is itssBlue and I'm excited to be starting here and getting to work closely with all of you!

Just to introduce myself, I've been playing multiplayer games for around 17 years, across many genres and I've always found myself enjoying games when you have a group of players around you that make you enjoy the game so much more, which is why over the last couple years I've found myself enjoying a lot of mobile games a lot more. As for The Wolf, probably my favorite moment since I started playing this game was coming together with other wolves in the earlier levels and taking down that first Champion, gave me nostalgia back to my first MMO taking on a hard boss.

Besides playing games, you can often find me singing at karaoke or going for a decent walk as one of the most beautiful things in life is nature at it's finest and being able to just take everything around you in.

So what does this mean for The Wolf?

I'm going to be engaging with all of you across our social media platforms and bringing you a new way to give feedback and suggestions and take part in conversations about what we all love about the game. To do this, you will find me across the following:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Forums
  • New official discord ;)
Which brings us to the second special announcement. We are launching our new official community hub, our discord server! Now Discord is going to be the main place for you to be able to submit feedback & suggestions through a few new special features we've set up to bring you everything in realtime with the ability to vote on the ones you think are important to you as players. So click the link HERE and join today! :) Also, we will be bringing you another announcement very soon!

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Re: New Community Manager & Official Discord!

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Congrats Blue!
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Re: New Community Manager & Official Discord!

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wow it's really you :)
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Or is it bloodyhacker ?

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Re: New Community Manager & Official Discord!

Post by Cheyennemay »

Good luck!
wolf simulator community has some really nice warm creative families on facebook. i am proud to see that through this game players are creating a close family bond in the wolf pack and on facebook. hilarious to see how creative it makes people. wonderful photo editors, video editing. they are real artists in spe.I would like to recommend everyone to join the facebook groups : the wolf simulator global, wolf online simulator, wolf simulator RPG all over the world l they are all real familiar!
The wolf simulator is not just a game that you play and only consume, it is a world where people become friends and help and educate each other. what is the best thing to see how creative people are!

welcome on behalf of all wolf families!

Chey tow
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