Being Under Level & Forfeitting Is Cowardly??

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Being Under Level & Forfeitting Is Cowardly??

Post by Yuko »

This isn't really a, uh...well, a question I need help with, I guess, it's more of asking for opinions?

Anyways, me being a LV 41 with 2,970 HP was challenged by a LV 47 with 4,000 HP. I was called a coward by both the player I was challenged by, and my own team alpha, who was also a LV 47, after giving up after maybe the fourth or fifth round. I apologize if this isn't allowed in this section, but I just wanna know if it was fair from the start? I stated that I was six levels below and had 2,000 less health than her, and what she replied with was "I'm weak". This just bugs me, so I just wanted to know what other players thought. And if you know me, then you know I don't usually make the first move in PvP. I'm just trying to be courteous here. Am I making a mistake of sorts here, or are some players just like that?
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Re: Being Under Level & Forfeitting Is Cowardly??

Post by rain »

To begin with, it was not a fair match. Considering the difference in your levels, attributes and most likely skills, it was uneven.

You or the other player did nothing wrong by killing(PvP is for fighting), but calling you a coward is wrong. I'm not quite sure if by forfeiting, you mean actually saying that you give up or leaving the game, but either way, the other player shouldn't have responded with "coward" and just said "gg" or "nice fighting you"

Saying someone is weak is quite ironic, as everyone started out as a level one wolf, with no skills and low attributes. I do not know how packs work, but I'm pretty sure your alpha is not meant to be calling you a coward or weak. An alpha is supposed to assess the situation and listen to you, not just call you something straight away. I am not trying to offend your pack or alpha, just stating what I believe.

Sorry about the little rant, but basically, no it was not fair, how both your challenger and alpha were in the wrong and you did nothing wrong in this situation. You simply accepted the challenge, fought it the best you could and finished it. There is nothing cowardly or weak in that. All fights have to end at some point and can any time, uneven or not. Some people are just like that. Some like to boost their egos. Maybe the player was just in a bad mood. Who knows? It's still wrong.
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Re: Being Under Level & Forfeitting Is Cowardly??

Post by BOREALIS »

There’s nothing wrong with forfeiting because you do not want to fight with someone. Nobody’s wants to fight in an unfair PVP match.
As an 8k at the time of writing this, I see many 10k+ players leave weaker players alone. Once you get to a higher level, super strong players will likely leave you be (but there are some that still attack you).
What I can suggest is to ask/invite a friend to join your server and help you fight, which is what I do on the rare occasions I join PVP. Another option is to just play in CO-OP, which allows for less judgement.
I’ve found out that the best way to keep out of these things is to ignore the offender. As strange as it seems, higher level players also get their share of difficulties with lower level players. Once a Level 48 player was angry that I was on Level 50 because she disliked Level 50s. Another time I was called a “trash alpha” by a really low level player (maybe 10-20?) for not making portals in a server because I didn’t need help.
And no, we Level 50s aren’t normally stuck up. We only want to play and have fun as well. But if we feel the need to, we will stick up for ourselves.
I apologize for my ranting at the end. Players’ personalities do not depend on their level, but the actual person.

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Re: Being Under Level & Forfeitting Is Cowardly??

Post by Kaboo »

With you being a lower level and less HP and all that, I wouldn't complain about you hiding. I don't get why you would hide, as you don't lose anything from losing a battle. But I can't say I could complain about you hiding. If you were stronger than they were, and hiding, then I'd complain.

But don't let your feathered get ruffled. There are some nasty people out there
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