My account has been deleted.

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My account has been deleted.

Post by SadXGirlL »

I lost my account because a player said I was strong and reported to me and found a hack. :( I would like to come back to the game and spend my last moments with the best friends who miss me. It would be nice if you could help me return your account, I spent too much time on it. My id is 5532004. Thank you.

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Re: My account has been deleted.

Post by Rogue »

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but an account doesn't get deleted unless the owner e-mails support with a direct request (or the account severely threatens the integrity of the game). If you used hacks/mods, you might have been moved to the hacker servers. If you didn't, you wouldn't get banned just because someone reported you.

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Re: My account has been deleted.

Post by Cheeto2019 »

I lost mine too but because the game wouldn't let me register. I deleted the app and lost everything. I've since started over (yes I registered) and never again will I start over! LOL

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Re: My account has been deleted.

Post by GreenAnan »

So, Idk if you are gonna read this but my fellow clan member's account got deleted as well. She didn't hack or whatsoever, it was poof, account gone.

Solution: email the devs at or contact them on their facebook or instagram.
Sadly it got a while to answer us back like a month or so (or more than a month, dunno it was a while back).
BUT she got her account back with an apology gift.

Good luck with your account! :D
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Re: My account has been deleted.

Post by White Fang 1 »

I have emailed swift apps once every month for about 4-7 months and have still recieved no reply, i have tried emailing messageing on their instagram and through thier website and i also tried messageing and their website (since they are the developer and share the same building).
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