Is it phone or the game?

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Re: Is it phone or the game?

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Wolffles wrote:
Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:41 am
I have this game installed in 2 phones here. My first android phone which is a good old Moto G2 (that happens to be still working) and my current phone that is a Zenfone 4. However, the older one can handle it in medium quality without any blur, though the Zenfone has better gpu and processor :?
If this phone can handle popular games like PUBG and AOV, them why it struggles with The Wolf? :o
So I got a new ZenFone 3 Max and the quality settings are still awry. Although switching to Highest graphics does not completely make every thing hard to see like other devices with this problem, where you can see or read anything. With the ZenFone 3 anything after Medium get a little blurry.
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Re: Is it phone or the game?

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Graphics on the higher settings in The Tiger and The Wolf games was blurry until today on my Huawei P20 Pro phone. Most of the text was barely legible with the blur, being rather small to begin with on the 6" screen of this device. Everything was much sharper on the lower settings, but it had fewer effects, and so I left it on the highest setting

Today, however, a system update came along, which I have installed. After that, the highest graphic setting suddenly became sharp in both of these games! And the sound is now suddenly stereo, with amazing quality. The game itself did not change, so it must have been some problems in the Android OS on the device which are now fixed. Too bad they did not do it sooner, all my screenshots from the game up to this point are blurry as well.

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