Gems and Suggestions?

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Gems and Suggestions?

Post by FIOVanic »

Okay so I am planning to buy gems but i don't know if it's worth it. I'd appreciate some suggestions.

I want to max out:

My speed boost. (Level 7)
My poison Nova. (Level 2)
And my Venom. (Also Level 2)

How much do you think I should buy for this?

And if you have any of these skills maxed out already, are they worth it?

My main concern is the Poison Nova and my Speed Boost. My speed boost is already level 7 so that will be the easiest but my poison nova is only level 2; yet it costs 300 gems to upgrade. That's a lot for only a level 3 upgrade. So is there something more worth it?

Or should I just get gems and trade them in for points? Raise my stats. Cause everything I have is currently 49 or 50, and compared to my friends.. That's pretty low!

I'm mainly looking for a way to raise my stats, but without trading in my gems for coins. A friend of mine said to never do that since you stop getting gems at level 40, so save them. But I really need to raise my stats. And I'm thinking if I max some skills then it will help me raise my stats faster. Ya get my logic?

Thanks for your advice, I'm pretty stuck right now. :]
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