Recommendations about the skills

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Recommendations about the skills

Post by Jean » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:19 pm

Hi, i need some tips about what skills should i use or combine.
For now I use:
  • Life Steal
  • Life Regeneration
  • Thunderstorm
  • Root Prision
If you have or prefer other skills, please tell me which are and why.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english xd
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Re: Recommendations about the skills

Post by Ignis » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:41 pm

I would suggest to go with your feel about the skills, it’s yours and it should be unique. There’s no real do and don’ts about the skills because each one of them has its own pros and cons, it depends how you prefer to play and if you enjoy coop or pvp more.

A few tips:

Damage boost is probably the most popular aura skill. Most likely because it boost not only normal attack bite but also your other skills. It’s pretty strong and I prefer it myself.

In special skills I guess thunderstorm is the most popular one, because it has highest damage and does 8 hits. But do not forget that it’s expensive to level up and has a 55s cooldown if not more. Posion cloud is also pretty popular and makes damage on all surrounding prey at the same time, I believe it’s good for pvp.

As for basic attack, frozen claw jump is at top but there’s a chance of missing your target(same with all jumping skills) and also it’s expensive. Life steal has become a lot more popular recently. It’s cheaper, no chance of missing target and it replenish hp. It’s also pretty strong.

All freezing skills are pretty nice aswell. It would do good to not underestimate them. At high level the freezing rate increases and you can swiftly kill a prey while they are too slow to move or bite.

Let’s go on to what is good for pvp or coop.

I have more experience in coop than pvp but I still have a few tips that may or may not be useful.

Since the new update couple animals has become rare so a few things has changed, but I still believe freezing breath is great for coop mostly because it’s strong and has short cooldown. Life steal is pretty good if you fight strong animals and you lose a lot of hp. If you fight weaker animals double claw and fire nova will do, especially if you have a highet attack. In short when you’re in coop you grind and you will need skills with a short cooldown to grind more effectively.

For pvp as I have mentioned once before poison cloud works well, it has a long cooldown but if you’re not confident in your skills in pvp then go for that, be because you can’t miss. Otherwise again freezing breath works well since you can target many wolves, it reaches from a distance and slows your opponent down so they can’t reach you. However, it works best if you have high hp as there’s a chance you get one-shotted and the skill will be wasted. Same thing goes for poisonous skin, which is also pretty effective in pvp. For claw life steal is good, it’s strong and you can use it to save your ass before you die. Frost bite is pretty neat too. It will slow your opponent down drastically and you might be able to kill them before they are able to take a bite, or run away. Another thing to remember is that there’s skills that can be avoided such as thunderstorm, freezing breath can also be tried to be avoided but it’s harder.

If you have low attack I suggest expensive skills because they do the most damage, but when you gain more attack cheaper skills works better with a shorter cooldown. Like double claw, within the cooldown of frozen jump claw you can use double claw five times. In the long run I do believe it will pay off most by upgrading cheaper skills. It’s important to take those things in account as well.

Totem is still new, and there’s not much to do than try some out. So far what I have discovered is that even though some are alike a few aura skills they are a lot stronger. They shouldn’t be underestimated. For me the healing totem has worked well for me in coop. Root prison as well. Try them out and see what works best for you.

This became a long post and I don’t know if anything of this was of help but this is from what I have gained from my own experiences. ^^
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Re: Recommendations about the skills

Post by AlphaWolf1 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:35 pm

Personally in PvP I go for all area skills my main used ones will be fire wall dealing damage to everyone and I think it has a compared damage of 1000% to 500% ( frozen claw jump) which is the second best one for me. I use damage boost, with a lucky crit on frozen claw it auto kills a person for me. I use healing totem, I have had more experience with it and can use it to heal my self and others ( this gives a better chance of getting more hits off) and I use freezing breath beacuse I don't have thunderstorm :lol: and second players can run from thunderstorm while freezing breath, your wolf chases the said player.
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