Please add a report button

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Please add a report button

Post by WhiskeySage95 »

There’s a player named SlaughterHouse420 on the wolf that goes around adding women , he pretends to be however old they are and pretends to live where they live . He will harass them for personal information and for sexual stuff. Even if the girls unfriend him , he still pops up in their servers . There are also kids under 14 that also play the game and it is not safe for them to play along creeps like that without having a way to report them or not have to see them in the room they are in.

Thank you , Whiskeyy EBK

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Re: Please add a report button

Post by DUTCH »

you should have added his player ID because if he sees this he could change his name anytime and we wouldn't know it's him.

Catch These Paws
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Re: Please add a report button

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Why is this not a thing? A report button would drastically improve the game are they so under staffed that they don't want to consider it? Every game I've ever played had a report button without it we are in the wild west of things this should have way more comments and I'm sure its not the first time this was mentioned.

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