Inappropriate Nicknames

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Re: Inappropriate Nicknames

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Unrealisation wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 4:28 am
Hm, regardless of whether there is a beta or not, I hope the devs are still working on updates for The Wolf :?
This game has bonded me with players from all around the world, and I genuinely want the best for it (:
I would say the same because this is one of their most popular games and to not keep it up to date would be unheard of.
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Inappropriate Nicknames

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Not sure why nicknames got so prevalent in online forums, probably had to do with security/privacy or people with long, hard to decifer names.

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Re: Inappropriate Nicknames

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Sorry to interrupt, but I'm just going to backtrack to the beginning of this thread. I also think that these types of names need to be eliminated. Even though I'm 14 and know all these words, I do not enjoy seeing them pop up when I'm trying to play. My sister is only 9 and she also plays, so that's a huge issue as well. These names show up the most in PVP, at least for me. There needs to be an improved filter in this game so that even spaces and numbers in offensive words will not be accepted (i.e. "C ussword" or "Cussw0rd").

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Re: Inappropriate Nicknames

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There was no open/closed beta running in Wolf regarding next update, also next update won't bring players' reporting feature, however it's something that's being discussed. There are also absolutely no plans to abandon The Wolf, contrarily there are lots of great features planned. They however need to wait until new security and stability changes are introduced.

Regarding OP, I'm totally for avoiding such names, but honestly there are so many ways to avoid bad words filtering, that is near to impossible to cover it all. Only solution working in 100% cases is to exposed predefined set of nicknames from which you may choose one. However I highly doubt if it would make good fit in this game.

There is example of 9 years old girl playing this game - I'm not sure if this vary by country, but this game's rating is PEGI 12. Of course it does not make vulgarisms pleasant for older audience, but 9 years is not a lot.

I'm curious if someone will come up with some viable solution? I agree this is problematic, but I don't personally see any solution that I would call bulletproof.

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Re: Inappropriate Nicknames

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The Wolf has far too many censorships, removing inappropriate usernames is equivalent to removing people's right to express themselves

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