Someone posing as me- please help

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Someone posing as me- please help

Post by MadMaxJax »

Hello, someone at a lvl 48 (I’m a 50) is posing as me under my name while I’m in the game. They start trolling and belittling players and repeating what I’m saying and they won’t stop. I fear they are using my name in other servers as well and tarnishing my name. They are hurting and offending people and how am I supposed to prove it’s not me unless ppl know I’m a 50, not a 48. I’m changing my name, but it’s possible I’ve been hacked and they’ll change the name to whatever I’m currently using. This person is vicious and cruel. The name I use is Omnist. I didn’t want to initially say that in fear the person or persons will post here and use my name against me again. But I am the original Omnist and would never insult anyone (unless absolutely warranted such as racist or sexist remarks).

How do I report this person? How do I get them to stop? The first time it happened they were under my name and was on my friends list. I immediately deleted them and now they aren’t a friend anymore.

This is very anxiety-producing and is harassment. They typically have my name and get on my team and speak in such a way that no one knows who’s the real me and they start insulting people and the other players get mad, think I’m tricking them.....and then leave and I can’t do anything about it.

Help me!!!

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Re: Someone posing as me- please help

Post by lady_loey »

Changing your name is a great start. This is awful. Here's some things I'd do if I were you

1.) Warn people about the player anytime I enter a new server / game.
2.) Keep a lookout for this player in the future, and when seen send a friend request to screenshot their player ID.
3.) If in PVP ( which i'm assuming this is where this is occurring, correct me if wrong ) switch teams immediately and say that the other player is impersonating you. This will make a clear distinction between you.
3.) change your name often and randomly, it will be harder to track you and impersonate you if you're never under the same name. I would also change my skin often.
4.) Go through your friends list. Do you talk to this person a lot? Do they just take up space? This person may still be on your friends list under a different account. Get rid of everyone who you can't rule out.
5.) Do not accept random friend requests. Even if this person is being friendly with you.
6.) PM your friends to let them know that you changed your name.
7.) change your password. the more complicated the better.

I'm indigo succulent in game and my ID is 18289511 if you'd like to add me. If I'm online you can invite me into a game and I will advocate for you.
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Re: Someone posing as me- please help

Post by Castiel »

Great points made by Lady-loey.

Extra tip - to help prevent people from copying you in the longterm, try and save up for one of the skins that cost gems (Mighty, Silver, Siberian, Frost, Fire) and wear those skins instead of the free ones. It's likely that these accounts will be troll accounts made to bully/scam others, so its unlikely they'll get their hands on these skins, especially the expensive ones. This will help you stand out a bit from them and will probably put them off from targeting you.
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