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Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:45 pm
by S E R E N I T Y
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions and or tips/tricks that could be useful? I’m currently newish to the wolf, just a small little level 30 in the progress lol. I’m not all that new, due to the fact I come from The Tiger, but The Wolf does have its different perks. Any advice/suggestions could be of use, ranging from different opinions about certain topics. Thank you in advance.

Topics of interest but are not limited to;
  • preferred potential skills (all I have atm)

Re: suggestions?

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:51 am
by Unrealisation
These skill combos are some of my favorite, and they'll work well if you have at least 150 attack and level 6 or above skills.

  • Freezing Breath or Venomous Skin + Damage Boost + Double Claw or Life Steal + any totem skills
Good for coop or pvp, freezing breath/venomous skin does damage to the enemy over time. On my old account, I had 288 attack, maxed damage boost and level 10 venomous skin, which made it a powerful skill. Note that super strong attack makes a BIG difference in the damage your freezing breath/venomous skin can do.
  • Frost Nova + Damage Boost + Frozen Claw Jump or Life Steal or Double Claw + any totem skills
The quick death combo. All these skills do instant damage. If frost nova is super strong and there are several enemies within range, you can one shot all of them instantly.

Totem skill recommendation:
  • If you use special skills that do damage over time such as freezing breath, venomous skin, thunderstorm, or poison cloud, try upping your swamp or root prison to a decent level. It slows down the enemy to give your skills time to do damage to the enemy.
In both coop and pvp and switch between these totem skills: shield, root, & heal.