Friend is offline (bug?)

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Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by Aiya »

I friended a person and they show offline. I have tried refriending, them friending me, but they are just offline when they are on. How do you fix this or what do you do?

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by BOREALIS »

This has happened to me many times as well. I'm not sure how to fix it, but I'll let you know if I find a solution.

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by RiBreeze »

:evil: i have the same bug.. Dont know when they'll fix this..
:geek: :ugeek: 8-)

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by TheRealAtlantaGamer »

I have this problem as well and I don't know why. I try rebooting my tablet and then turning off all network consuming devices. Sometimes I have my friends leave and rejoin but it doesn't always work.
And, sometimes the game will even allow invites from an offline player, so you can work around the problem.
Hope I solved your problem!!

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by Hawlucha (Throh) »

This bug is very common, so it has nothing to do with your tablets/phones, this update still has a ton of bugs that need to be fixed in general. There is also a bug that removes all your friends from your list. Normally if you quit and restart they come back, but I've heard people having to re-add all their friends.

Wicca Rose
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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by Wicca Rose »

It's a simple fix just tab out and back in. The longer you are online not closing the game out and reopening you will show offline. Just send the game to your background so your looking at your home screen then click game again your appear online and won't loose the room your in.

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by IfIWasAUnicorn »

I have this bug as well and have never cheated or hacked. I cant get it to fix no matter what i try :( . i hope this bug is fixed soon.

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Re: Friend is offline (bug?)

Post by awaisha »

hi, i think, i have the same problem, some of my friends look offline to me, even I am playing with them in the same room. It's very sad, because often I can't join them else accidentally.
Is the problem with 'not closing the game' properly on their or on my device?
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