VS not working

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VS not working

Post by Skyres »

So I came across this strange issue when using venomous skin.

When I was lvl 23 (just got the skill), I used it on animals in coop, but for some reason, when I still have the effect of the skill on me, the animal is not getting poisoned again. It doesn't work even as I backed up and went forward again.
I thought my speed was too slow, so I waited and tried again at level 34, it still doesn't work. I even tried with speed boost, still not poisoning.

Note: It works fine if I TURN and run away from it then TURN and run back.

I then went on my lvl 50 and did the same thing on the same animal, strangely it worked fine there.

I wonder why this is happening and this is kind of annoying, I keep getting killed because the skill is not working properly.

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Re: VS not working

Post by rain »

I think the skill glitches sometimes. It's never happened to me but I've heard some people having issues with this in pvp. Seems quite similar to the issues with frost breeze in coop(believe this has been fixed) where it wouldn't do any dmg to the animal.

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