Until you fix the game

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Until you fix the game

Post by Wolfbanegod »

I'm done playing I keep getting kicked out of the game for now freaking reason and its irritating me. Until you fix your game you lost a player and a customer.

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Re: Until you fix the game

Post by rain »

This has been happening to me too. My connection is fine and there is almost no lag but the game continues to kick me out of rooms randomly. Sometimes I can't even join a room and just get the disconnected message. If I click out of that message then it sends me to the home page. The retry button just leads me on a cycle of disconnected messages. Most of the time I have to reset my connection and the game to temporarily fix it. It gets extremely frustrating when you want to complete quests or join your friends - timezones aren't exactly the most amazing thing. A few of my friends who coop a lot and aim for high scores in the server lose what they work for when they get kicked. My friends who play pvp more find themselves in pointless toxic drama because their lag made them 'lbd'. Hopefully this is fixed soon. It would make a huge difference.

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Re: Until you fix the game

Post by Shad »

I’ve had this too, randomly getting kicked out of games even when the connection is fine without any lag.

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Re: Until you fix the game

Post by nightmare3 »

Yes, we really need a server fix... I wasn't going to bother repeating this but I did lose just over 90,000 coins because of this error (and some quest progress too).

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Re: Until you fix the game

Post by PharaohSabre »

Me as well. I'm tired of getting booted out of good rooms for absolutely no reason.
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