Avatar Issues

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Avatar Issues

Post by Sapphire »

So, I have tried, as far as I know, every possible way to get my profile set and done but, one thing's missing.
My avatar picture :roll:
I've tried every size, every quality (the fuzziest and the clearest) even one's I hoped wouldn't work.
Still, nothing..
I don't know what to do.. I feel so odd not having a photo hence why I really wanna have one..
And yes, I've saved the photo and tried to upload it, I've copied the URL, the website, the google Imagle, the bing image, etc.
Nothing will work :cry:
I'm going to insert the photo I would really, really like to use.
Since it is was I look like..
I appreciate any and all help!!
Thank you! <3
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Re: Avatar Issues

Post by rain »

Have you tried putting the image in Paint to resize? It should be near the rotate, select and crop buttons.
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Re: Avatar Issues

Post by Lewis »

Unless you plan on cropping out huge chunks of the photo- which I would not advise- then try this link.

It’s free, and it works: http://resizeimage.net

When you get down to the ratio part of the resizing form, make the percent equal to ZERO. Then adjust the pixel x pixel ratio to 100 by 100.

Finally, press RESIZE image. Do NOT COMPRESS IT.

Good luck! If you have any difficulties, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. :)
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Re: Avatar Issues

Post by VALDR »

I gave up on my profile altogether, it's the way it's going to stay, I probably wasted and hour trying to get an avatar, even if it took another 5 minutes to make it work, I wouldn't, wasted too much time already. That and the fact that it takes days for my post to show up, is why I'm not going to bother with this forum again. See you in the game.
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Re: Avatar Issues

Post by yakuza »

Hey there! I'll try to help you. So as you can see in edit avatar page, restrictions regarding your avatar's properties are quite restrictive:
Maximum dimensions; width: 100 pixels, height: 100 pixels, file size: 20.00 KiB.
Picture you linked in your post is both too big in terms of dimensions (736x450px) and file size (35,6kB). As avatar is thought to be small representation of some character then putting entire picture as avatar misses the point. I've prepared proposition for your avatar here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At667lpc4Zvli7RPLKYw00YobV48fg - it should satisfy all requirements (100x100px and 4kB). Try grabbing this picture and uploading it in your profile preferences (linking to this image won't work, as it's link to OneDrive document, not raw picture).

Regarding your remark about posts delay - it affects all new members and is meant to protect forums from spammers. Your first few posts have to go through moderation and once your account will be approved your posts will appear instantly.

I hope next time I see your post it'll have great avatar next to it ;) in case you'd like some other fragment cropped let me know, I'll do it for you in no time!


Edit: I just noticed it's some old post so note about post not showing up instantly is invalid, however I hope it'll solve your avatar issues.

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Re: Avatar Issues

Post by jonutz »

@Sapphire you can use http://resizemyimg.com it has various options for resizing, also predefined avatar size, i recommend it ;)

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