players abusing Purchase system

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players abusing Purchase system

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there is this issue in Google play store india
where you can buy gems for reduced price ₹2950(40$) where on Apple Appstore india price is 7900₹(108$) for 14K (mountain of gems)

this is not only unfair but also give one player a really huge advantage over another and many players just send money to friends who have access to Google play india store to get more gems

i saw on other forums people calling others hackers saying they mod skills for 30$ maybe this is the case!

hope this helps swiftapps to see the truth. you have to work on this and fix and make pricing even on all regions and platforms

i added two SS from Apple And Google showing the pricing difference

i mean if you put pricing like this who'd never want that? and its not a hack or cheat its legid way too
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Or is it bloodyhacker ?

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