Ac Hacked: Need Customer Care Help from Swift

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Ac Hacked: Need Customer Care Help from Swift

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Hello Wolf Team,

I have been a wolf game customer for around 2 years now, over time the game has become my favorite and I have spent easily over $1200 USD into my account. Until last week things were going great, and one of my friends sent me a link to download, ever since I downloaded it my wolf went to hackers hell. I have had no idea what hackers hell was until this point, and I cant seem to get back to normal game. I have uninstalled and re-installed, when I texted my friend he has blocked me. I cant find swift apps customer service phone number for US citizens that are spending thousands of dollars into this game on Google app store.

As a customer I need help, I have done over a $1200 business with you guys on playstore and now my game account is not working. In the USA people are provided care and help for such inconveniences, and I am asking for the same here from the game admins.

I am not a hacker, I have no desire to hack nor I am interested in hacking, I am just a normal guy that plays the game when my life allows me to do so, I have emailed swift about this issue twice now and mentioned my account number and I did not hear back yet, I am hoping I get help for all the business I did with swift.

I would highly appreciate it.



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Re: Ac Hacked: Need Customer Care Help from Swift

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dear friend,

what your friend did was sending you a link of probabily modified app and you used it and its against terms of use from swift! thats why they banned you. and there is nothing they can do about it since they always tells people to install app from official sources such as Appstore or Playstore

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