Problem on the Galaxy S8

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Problem on the Galaxy S8

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The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have a wider screen than most phones. This means that the game does not fill the whole screen. Would it be possible to release a patch to address the resolution aspect ratio?
Edit: I found a full screen option in the phone that stretches the game to fit, so that's a temporary fix :D

Could we have a setting in the graphics to increase the draw distance of shadows and some anisotropic-filtering to sharpen distant wolves and their names?

Regarding the draw Distance. The inside of caves are dark (like the PVP tunnel), however they are completely illuminated in the distance. As we run through the cave, the light (draw distance) travels through the cave with us.... this breaks the immersion a bit.

Perhaps there could be an "Ultra" setting? Thanks, we look forward to the next update 8-)
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