So, the "blurry" problem

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So, the "blurry" problem

Post by Sined »

So I think it's screen size problem, I catched a frame of scaling up small-render on the whole screen.
On "very low" and "low" it renders DOUBLE size of the screen, then scales down (didn't took a screenshot of it, it's just not so informative)
On "medium" and higher it renders HALF of the screen, and scales up.
Screenshots are in very low quality cus of the size limits here.
Also it's not android version problem, me with 4.2.1 and my friend with 6.2.3 have this similar problem.
Screenshot before
Screenshot before
scrn 1 s.png (234 KiB) Viewed 2034 times
Screenshot in process of changing
Screenshot in process of changing
scrn 2 s.png (254.67 KiB) Viewed 2034 times
Screenshot after
Screenshot after
scrn 3 s.png (215.62 KiB) Viewed 2034 times

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Re: So, the "blurry" problem

Post by yakuza »

Do you experience it only in menu screen, or while playing as well?

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Re: So, the "blurry" problem

Post by CernaRybka »

I have this problem too. I experienced it in menu and in when playing the game.

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Re: So, the "blurry" problem

Post by Critter »

I also have this problem. My Asus tablet is brandnew and HD and as soon as I go higher than low any text I see is blurry.

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Re: So, the "blurry" problem

Post by Maple »

This issue has been around ever since the game came out. I have always played in low quality and all I saw were poor and basic graphics.They say there are waterfalls in the co-op maps, I hope I'll be able to see them one day. I bet my butt it's the oldest issue the game has ever had and still has. :roll:
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Re: So, the "blurry" problem

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I have had this issue to but it comes down to the devices you use.
When I use my Samsung S7 the quality is at high and I can see most of the 3D features while playing the game and nothing is blurry. But when I play on my tablet the quality is at low and when the setting is changed to high it will be very blurry and some words may be unrecognizable and game play may be difficult. So I would say it depends on the device. Also remember this is a very detailed and realistic 3D game and some of the details and quality setting may depend on how your device can handle the rendering.
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