Where is this game going?

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Where is this game going?

Post by MUIEPSD »

This last month I've noticed many things going worse in the game. Lots of hackers in pvp, reports of hackers in co-op, gems and coins rewards from killing champions and animals

Now what's going on with the skill fails in co-op? Before it was only Frost breath that was failing, now life steal and Frost nova also.. I'm pretty sure is not my connection at fault, so what's going on?
We are going to have to accept the skill fails also like we accepted the frost breath fail too?

Edit. I've just met the hacker that killed me and others in coop an hour ago

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Re: Where is this game going?

Post by nightmare3 »

Ah, yes! I've met two of those hackers in co-op; it's a shame us lot can't fight back against them (at least have the decency to attack me in PvP...)

Anyhow, I've also been having some annoying issues (like me pressing the attack button and the animal taking no damage). Usually to avoid such issues, I leave my quality setting on low... (This issue's always been around for me.)

After the day and night cycle update comes out (which I'm really looking forward to), I'm hoping they'll run a few more stability updates - just to pacth things up a bit more.

I'm sure things will clear back up soon (for me I find that the glitches have gotten better, but the hackers in co-op have gotten worse).

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