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Rachie DSK Alpha
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DSK Pack Official Page

Post by Rachie DSK Alpha » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:38 pm

Welcome to the Official page for the Dark Shadow Killers Pack!

Hello everyone! Dark Shadow Killers (DSK) is a new pack created by me, Rachie (#5275812). The DSK pack is for serious players looking for a community to socialize and have fun. We pride ourselves on the structure that keeps our pack running smoothly, and the code we follow as players!

The DSK pack's hierarchy is focused on a structured leadership that gives everyone a chance to contribute. The list below will show all the ranks in DSK and a brief summary of their responsibilities.
  • Alpha - Pack leader; can make new rules, moderates, recruit/strike/ban members
  • Beta - Co-leader; helps make new rules, moderates, recruit/strike/ban members, lvl 45+
  • Deputy - Moderator; can suggest new rules, can recruit/strike members, lvl 40+
  • Officer - Help Omegas learn the rules; moderates, make sure their Omega doesn't break any rules, lvl 40+
  • Mentor - Help Trainees learn the rules; lvl 40+
  • Member - Regular member, lvl 35+
  • Trainee - Newer members; members working toward higher lvls, lvl 30-34
  • Omega - Members who have broken rules and gotten a strike, or very new members, lvl 25+

How to Join
So you're looking for a pack and decided you like what you see? :) The list below will go over the requirements to join and the process of becoming a full-fledged member.

Requesting to Join:
  1. Ask a leadership member (alpha/beta/deputy) to join
  2. You must be at least lvl 25 and age 13+ to join
  3. Upon request, you'll be irectd to an Officer if you're lvl 25-29 to train as an Omega, or to a Mentor to become a Trainee if you're lvl 30-34
  4. Applicants lvl 35+ will become temporary Trainees
Training for Membership:
  1. After being accepted into DSK, your Mentor/Officer will explain the rules and policies to you
  2. Be sure to add DSK to your wolf name so we know you're part of the pack!
  3. Also, make sure to follow the DSK Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/dsk.pack.official/) for news, art, and updates.
  4. Make sure to join The Wolf Online forum board to keep in touch (which if you're reading this...you probably did lol)
  5. Omegas will train under their Officer until they reach lvl 30, where they'll be promoted to a Trainee
  6. Trainees will then train under a mentor until they reach lvl 35, or for 20 days if they're already lvl 35+
  7. Trainees have to undergo a series of tests to make sure they've fully learned and understand the rules, which will be provided by a Mentor
  8. These tests are required to become a full member, which will ensure that prospective members are committed to joining
Becoming a Full-Fledged Member:
  1. After going through the Omega and/or Trainee phases, you'll now be considered a full member!
  2. As a member, you're responsible for following the rules you learned as a Trainee
  3. All new members each month will be announced on the DSK Instagram page! (https://www.instagram.com/dsk.pack.official/)

    Be sure to check out the DSK Rules and Policy and DSK Members in the next pages! :)
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Re: DSK Pack Official Page

Post by Broken Sky KN » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:04 pm

Hello! May I join?
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