Duration and Damage

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Duration and Damage

Post by Lorraine »

Hurricane or poison techniques.
Damage to the effect duration.
'154% 5s' 👉🏻 saying gonna do 770% damage?

So since Poisson Nova does 250% damage, and 55% damage for 4 seconds (220%) total 470% damage?
I don't think a hurricane would be bad. It's nice to see other people using it. 😢

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Re: Duration and Damage

Post by SnoDragon »

Poison skills or maybe frozen skills are good. I don't think hurricane is very good, because when you die the effect stops. The same is with venomous skin, and it can get frustrating to use. Frost breath is good because even though it stops when you die as well, you can use it from a distance. But if you're asking hurricane or poison, I suggest poison. Take what I say with a grain of salt, though, because people play the game different ways :)
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