Redwood Pack

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Redwood Pack

Post by ButtersTheGay »

Welcome to the Redwood Pack recruitment thread! We're a new pack, looking for all positions. We will communicate mainly on Kik and start a RP forum as soon as we get enough members.

• Mates are allowed
• Roleplay is allowed
• Offensive humor/free speech is allowed
• Threats against others are not allowed
• Insubordination is not allowed
• Begging for a certain rank is not allowed

Alpha(☆☆☆☆): May only be two. I will choose a co-alpha at some point.
Beta(☆☆☆): Second in command. May only be two.
Sergeant at Arms(☆☆): Head Enforcer. May only be one.
Shaman(☆☆): Designated head healer. May only be one.
Huntsman(☆☆): Head of the hunters. May only be one.
Enforcer(☆): Designated guards/warriors.
Healer(☆): Designated healers.
Hunter(☆): Designated hunters.

Application (copy and paste below):
Wolf's Name:
Desired Rank:
Roleplay? (Y/N):
Kik Username:
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Re: Redwood Pack

Post by creamalamode »

{ Deleted }
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Re: Redwood Pack

Post by Broken Sky KN »

Wolf's Name: Eclipse
ID: 8167254
Desired Rank: Beta (However, I will be fine with any)
Roleplay? (Y/N): Y
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Re: Redwood Pack

Post by AlphaWolf1 »

Don't know if its too late or not but my info are below and i'd be happy with the rank of Beta.
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Re: Redwood Pack

Post by White Fang 1 »

You should look at my updating wolf pack registry and send me your pack's info so I can add you to the list. :D
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