About freezing skills (*´-`*)ゞ

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About freezing skills (*´-`*)ゞ

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I've heard that among the special skills in this game,'Frost Nova' is popular.
However, while playing the game, I have never seen anyone using it.
What skills do you use before level 45?
The skills I saw the most were Meteor and Hurricane, and Poison Cloud / Poison Nova.
(Since level 45, it was Freezing Breath and Thunderstorm.)

I mainly use Meteor because I prefer a short cooldown.
It was said that the ice attack could slow the opponent's speed, but there was a melee attack style anyway.
The wolves seemed to be slowing down to attack speed when they were subjected to a frozen attack from an animal.
However, if the wolves freeze attacks on animals, you will not notice the change in attack speed. Is it slow? Did I not know?

I'm just curious about it, so I upload it.
I want to know the usefulness of the ice properties. (I don't do PVP.)

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Re: About freezing skills (*´-`*)ゞ

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Freezing slows animals as well as players. Make a big animal follow you, then freeze it. You can see the difference in movement speed, and soon I believe you'll be able to see the difference in attack speed. Meteors are a good choice of skill, but once you get to a high level they're beaten by the freezing skills.

I use frost nova for my small wolf, and it works well in coop if you can make it higher level. Therefore it doesn't really matter because you can kill the animal quickly anyway, but if it doesn't kill the animal, it makes the attack a lot slower. That's why I use that.
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