Wolves of the Elite is recruiting!!

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Wolves of the Elite is recruiting!!

Post by A.Good.Username. » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:32 am

WE is looking for members!!!

Hey everyone reading this,

Wolves of the Elite(WE) currently has some vacant positions for strong and active players on the wolf. We are looking for people who will not only be active on kik but also on the wolf.

Some requirements to join include:

- Currently we are looking for strong players, therefore it is a requirement that your HP is at least 5k and your attack at 80.
- It is required to have kik as this is where all notifications will be about the pack and its members.
- By being part of WE you are free to be in any other packs however you must have WE on your gamer tag at all times
- This pack is strictly 13+

Even if you don’t meets all of the requirements still feel free to pm/dm any alphas on the forum or kik.

How to apply to WE:

To apply to join WE either contact me Yuko through kik or here on the forum,
My kik: Wolfarine_FS_Alpha
Yukos kik: Yuko_WhiteWolf

Thanks for everyone reading and I hope you consider joining WE.
In game username: WolfarineWE WC AOD A

Pack: WE- joint alpha, WC, FR A, AOD AND DMN

Level: 50

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