Skill question✋🏻

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Skill question✋🏻

Post by Izzy☆ »

1. Frezzing Wall & Rage Skill cost

2. Fire Wall VS Frezzing Wall
(Not PVP)

3. Frost Nova VS Hurricane
(Not pvp)

4. Explosion Trap VS Freezing Area Trap
(Not PVP)

Can you tell me? 😢✨

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Re: Skill question✋🏻

Post by Kgcs »

hi i dont know if u will see this but here is my take on ur qns

For ur 1st qns the ans can be found here

go with freeze wall + ice area trap + frost nova since they work well together

Hope it helps ~
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Re: Skill question✋🏻

Post by Chloety »

Well I'm at a point I use skills based on the animals I'm fighting.
I have a high level swamp and use that with freeze wall and stops most of them.
Firewall has more damage but doesn't give you the handicap.
Same can go with explosion trap more damage ice trap gives handicap.
As you raise your attack the handicap skills become more in play to kill with bite.
Everyone likes different things and fb and rage are two different skills can be used together.

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