Why are there so few users of FIRE NOVA?

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Why are there so few users of FIRE NOVA?

Post by Izzy☆ »

Fire Nova and Metors
Both skills have a short cooldown, right?
Despite the wide range of Fire Nova, I saw a lot of people using Metors, but few people using Fire Nova. Why?
I know FROST NOVA is good, but the cool down is long so I don't use it often.
Nowadays, I see a lot of people using hurricane skills.🤔🤔

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Re: Why are there so few users of FIRE NOVA?

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I would think because of the damage.
It's a 200% increase for only 3 more seconds cooldown.
It's Pretty Easy to make Meteors work for starting Loadouts.
It's also a great start for practicing Fire Breath and Freezing Breath skills because they core function are the same.
Aim and Fire

(I would say you don't have to aim with Fire Nova at all)

This is a little off-topic but I believe Meteor & (Fire Breath) skills were created so that fire users would have comparable skills to Frost User.
See if you want to rock a fire loadout, Fire Nova was your only choice for fire-related Specials.
There were no Meteors or Fire Breath skills back in the day.
Frost Users Had Icy spike, Frost Nova, and Hurricane in my time.
I can't remember when Freezing Breath was put into the game but I do know it exists before Fire Breath.
Fire Nova is always the first special unlocked regardless you started playing now or 4 years ago.
Because it is always seen as the weakest skill, often being neglect by many.
Although with the right style of play you could make it work(back in the day).
I use Fire Nova for Tank Builds back in the day.
How it would fair to modern skills and the current meta.
Honestly, I have no idea but I wouldn't say it be great.

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Post by RichardHaura »

There could be reasons for this but I will not insult you or your wife by saying the possible reasons. Why because Im a nice guy that way.

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